Things To Do

There are lots of things to do in, and close by, in Mountainair. Our inn & RV park is within walking distance of the shops and studios downtown!

While you're here, you'll want to:

  • Visit local art studios

  • Tour ancient ruins

  • Grab a bite to eat

  • Get out in nature - and in late August, don't miss our Sunflower Festival!

To learn more about Mountainair or plan your trip, visit The Mountainair Wire.

Businesses You'll Find In Town:

Grocery store (has a deli in it)

Family Dollar


Post Office

Hardware store


Alon-7-11 gas station and convenience store

3 restaurants

Auto parts store


Awesome mechanic at T&C Auto


Medical clinic

Electric Co-Op

2 motels


Several churches

An active arts community w/ several galleries